Buyer To Do List

  • Initial Buyer Consultation
    • Establish expectations
    • Discuss needs and desires
    • Outline parameters of the search
  • Prequalify with A Lender. A 10-minute conversation will establish/confirm the price range we should be looking within. 
  • Begin your house search. I will email listings for your consideration. Depending upon your time frame, you may drive by the homes first in order to select your preferences. Please note that I can help you with any builder, free of charge. My guidance will help clarify your decision-making process by making it go more smoothly for you. 
  • Once you’ve selected your new home… we put together an offer. We will need to take into consideration the current pricing of the home, the popularity of its location, its condition, as well as when you would like to close, take possession, and complete the inspection. 
  • Our offer is accepted or countered by the Sellers. We may have to counter back several times before an agreement is reached. At any time, the Sellers may entertain a second (or third) offer and opt to work with a different buyer. 
  • Once we have an accepted offer, we submit the earnest money (typically 1% of the total purchase price). It is deposited in the Listing Agent’s escrow account. You then have two assignments: 
    • Schedule the inspection…within the time frame provided on the Purchase Agreement.
    • Apply for your loan….again within the time frame provided on the Purchase Agreement    
  • I will receive a copy of your inspection report and will go over it with you. We will write an inspection response… requesting the Sellers to correct/repair any defects – usually electrical, plumbing, heating/cooling, and roofing. Cosmetic and minor items are not normally requested.
  • At this point, you can sit back, relax, and prepare for your move. All other parties involved will be fulfilling their responsibilities. 

Lastly, order your home owner’s insurance. Your agent will provide you with a binder policy and paid receipt. You will need to bring these to the closing, or give to your lender prior to closing.  Two weeks before the closing, call to have the utilities transferred to your name.

Closing takes place at a Title Company and usually lasts for one hour.

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